Arena Drags

Millcreek Arena Drags in 5, 6 & 7 foot Diameter Models

Starting at $1,449

Our easy-to-use rotary arena drags can work wonders for improving hard, compacted baseball and softball infields as well as equine training areas. No PTO is required, so it spins as you pull it. Material moves sideways to effectively fill in potentially dangerous rutted paths and low spots in a single pass. The result is a level, uniform surface, improved water absorption, easier grooming, and better playing conditions.

Instantly improve footing and soften surface with maximum versatility by making simple 3-point tractor hitch adjustments. Tilt the area drag more for a very aggressive pass or less for mild grooming action. At maximum tilt, tines go 5 inches deep.


  • 3-Point Hitch for tilt control
  • All steel construction
  • Tapered wheel bearings for years of reliable service
  • Brittle-resistant, flame-hardened steel tines


  • Rake attachment – smooths infield surface after aggressive arena drag action
  • Replacement tines
Model 5' 6' 7'
Tractor Tires Span
(measure distance from outside to outside)
48" 60" 72"
3 Point Hitch Required yes yes yes
HP Required 22 hp 25 hp 30 hp